Land Rover - Manual & Automatic Transmissions
From service, diagnostics, repairs to complete rebuilds to all Land Rover Defender, Land Rover Discovery & Range Rover models. Both manual transmissions & automatic transmissions.

Land Rover Defender 6 speed (Getrag MT82)
The 6 speed gearbox used in Land Rover Defender (2007 on) 2.4lt 2.2lt Puma is considered a good box but is prone to some faults that can be easily repaired. Common issues include gearbox rattle in neutral at idle & at speed, drive line clunk or excessive backlash making smooth driving & gear changes difficult.

Most of the above issues are caused by: faulty clutch assembly, poor preload or excessive wear on centre diff. worn outer axle splines.

PIC: MT82 6 Speed gearbox & LT230 Transfer case - Replacement of clutch assembly, rebuilding of the centre diff unit, replacement of axles sets with heavy duty kit.

Centre diff unit out of a Land Rover Defender 2.2lt puma needing new side shims & selective thrusts to obtain the correct preload. The wear (or lack of correct preload) inside this diff unit is a major cause of drive line backlash.

HTE Heavy duty axles set for Land Rover Defender TD5, 2.4lt & 2.2lt Puma, includes new half shafts & drive flanges with longer splines.

Land Rover R380 manual gearbox & LT230 transfer case

As used in later model Land Rover Defender (300tdi, TD5) and Land Rover Discovery 1 & 2 (300tdi, TD5) models. While a durable smooth gearbox, rebuilds including replacing syncros, bearings, main & lay shafts, reverse gear set is common on high mileage units.

PIC: Land Rover R380 gearbox (Land Rover Discovery 2 TD5) and transfer case after a complete rebuild.
Land Rover Discovery II R380 Manual Gearbox

Common faults include:
  • Poor difficult shifting, especially when cold.
  • Poor noisy shifting (worn syncromesh).
  • Excessive backlash (clunking during shifting).
  • Noisy, rattling or no shift selection.
  • Seized or locked transfer gears (no drive).
  • No Drive.
We can very easily diagnose many faults with both the R380 & LT230 boxes and then recommend the best course for repairs if required.

We can also rebuild all other Land Rover manual gearboxes

PIC: Early Land Rover Series IIA Gearbox and transfer case
Land Rover Series IIA Gearbox & Transfer Case

Land Rover LT230 transfer case (Land Rover Discovery 2) as fitted to Land Rover Defender 300tdi, TD5 and Land Rover Discovery 300tdi, TD5

Land Rover LT230 Transfer Case

Land Rover ZF 4HP22 / 4HP24 Automatic Transmission

Used in both the early Range Rover and Land Rover Discovery I and Discovery II models. A very reliable well designed auto that suffers very few problems if maintained correctly. Some issues with delayed or hesitant shifting patterns can occurs. From service to complete rebuilds, we have your ZF needs sorted.

PIC: ZF valve body assembly and filter pickup - Land Rover Discovery 2
Land Rover Discovery II Auto

ZF Transmission service kit (Land Rover Discovery 2)

Land Rover ZF Automatic Service Kit

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