The Murchison Products range of CRDSTU Suspension Systems are designed and tested in Australia, for Australian conditions to bring out the best in your Jeep

Regardless if you use your Jeep in the most demanding off road work or weekend trips away you probably like most of us use it as a daily driver. The importance therefore of having a suspension setup that rides, handles and safely controls the vehicle in every situation be that climbing a rocky side track on a hill or traversing speed humps in the local shopping centre.

Aztech 4x4 Mechanical & CRDSTU Suspension Systems

For many years Aztech 4x4 have been installing different brands of suspension kits to Jeeps, eventually we started installing Murchison Products CRDSTU Suspension Systems for clients that had purchased packages but then needed someone to do the install. We very quickly noticed the difference with the Murchison Products CRDSTU suspension in the quality of the components, on road ride and handling and off roading which we could only describe as awesome.

As a West Australian distributor we offer Jeep owners in WA all the great benefits of having the CRDSTU Suspension Systems fitted to their Jeep, with the added benefit of purchase, installation, experience, full parts and labour warranty all from one source, a West Australian source.

CRDSTU Suspension Systems by Murchison Products for the Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2, JK Wrangler, KJ Cherokee, KK Cherokee, WH Grand Cherokee, XH Commander.

PIC: Jeep JK Wrangler fitted with a CRDSTU Suspension System


“Murchison Products have been designing and testing coil springs for Jeeps for over a decade and from this we have learn't quite a few things. Late model Jeeps in general need around 2" - 2.5” of lift to sit comfortably in the zone of equal up and down wheel travel whilst providing an adequate improvement in ground clearance.. There are too many cheap & nasty lift kits out there that just don’t sit the vehicles right nor have the right ride quality characteristics, so this is why we here at Murchison Products have personally owned and R&D’d the most popular Jeep vehicles so we can tweak the coils and shocks to the exact recipe thus achieving an overall “Balance”.

PIC: Jeep Cherokee KJ fitted with a CRDSTU Suspension System, this is one of the best thing a KJ owner will get done to their Jeep. The improvement in every aspect of off road and on road handling is awesome.


Jeep Cherokee KK, often an over looked model, but is such a great package once fitted with a CRDSTU Suspension System. Larger wheels & tyres, Uneek bullbar, winch all add up to great package!


PIC: Jeep JK Wrangler fitted with a CRDSTU Flexy Touring Plus. Doing a suspension upgrade on a Wrangler doesnt need to be about, "the biggest lift" or "the biggest tyres". A correctly engineered suspension fitted to a JK Wrangler will offer good ground clearance, off road ability and on road handling. While there are plenty of  "super lift kits" out there for the Jeep JK Wrangler, very few offer the well thought out design of the CRDSTU Suspension Systems.


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